Ken is the main antagonist in Bee Movie. He is Vanessa's ex-boyfriend. He appears in 30 minutes of screen-time, despite to being the film's main antagonist. Infact, he is actually The Dragon and not the Big Bad (Mr. Montgomery becomes the film's Big Bad).

Biography Edit

Ken appears as the main antagonist, as he tries to exterminate Barry on multiple occasions. Eventually, Vanessa dumps him, leaving Ken to be dragged away by Andy, contemplating revenge.

Despite him being portrayed as the fool, he is actually thew 'straight man' of the movie. VANESSA. IS SUING. THE HUMAN RACE. FOR A BEE. He is the only person who see's this as strange. Vanessa is the true villain of the movie, as the snaps (as we see when she is pouring coffee on the ground when Barry first introduces himself). She is going insane and only Ken sees this. Vanessa is the coward. AND YOGURT NIGHT IS THEIR NIGHT!!!!!

P.S. Ken didn't write this.


Quotes Edit

  • "eWW, POO WATER!"
  • "Barry i know I've treated you wrong, but I'm finally going to face my feelings about you. you're a beautiful bee. Binside and Boutside."