• RRabbit42

    Goals for the wiki

    December 15, 2019 by RRabbit42

    Things to expect after the adoption is approved.

    1. All off-topic pictures and any pages marked for deletion will be cleaned up.
    2. Article comments that are trolling, comment spamming, religious elevation, meme-repeating, and the "let's post the script of the movie" comments that do it as a single, very long comment or are broken up into one comment per sentence will be removed.
            "Religious elevation" refers to trying to turn a character into a religious character or a diety when that has nothing to do with what they did in the movie.
    3. Article comments won't be turned off, but they will be moderated and cleaned up as needed.
    4. I'm not going to turn on the requirement of having an account. It seems like an easy way of cutting down on problems, …

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  • RRabbit42

    Adopting the wiki

    June 28, 2019 by RRabbit42

    Intro, June 2019:

    This is a wiki I've kept an eye on because it tends to get hit with vandalism or the same memes over and over again, like those that talk about Barry in religious terms and quoting and re-quoting the "bees aren't supposed to be able to fly" dialogue. I've cleaned up what I could and checked it every so often.

    About a week ago, someone spent five hours putting in quotes from the movie as over 300 individual article comments. That's the wrong way to do it. First, we've already got a "Bee Movie Script" page for the transcript. Two, that person put those comments on the Bee Movie Script page, duplicating what was already there, and would have drowned out any other comments people made by pushing them way to the end where very f…

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