Barry B. Benson is an ordinary bee who lives in a hive in Sheep Meadow, Central Park, New York City. He is the main protagonist of the film Bee Movie. He is voiced by Jerry Seinfeld. He can surf, and he wears shoes that resemble converse sh oes, and a (black - and yellow) turtleneck sweater. Some of his catchphrases consist of:


"My sweater is Ralph Lauren, and I have no pants."

"Do you know what a Cinnabon is? It's bread! And frosting! And cinnamon! They heat it up! Really ho

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Barry has completed three levels of education during his school career. He spent three days in grade school, three days in high school, and three days in college. This earns him the highest degree of education a bee can achieve. He also took a gap day to travel around the hive by hitchhiking. It is inferred that experience gave Barry a new outlook on the bee world as his closest friend, Adam Flayman remarks, "[Barry] did come back different."

Quarter-Life Crisis and Crimes Against the Hive[edit | edit source]

Trudy: You'll be happy to know that bees, as a species, haven't had one day off in 27 million years.

Barry B. Benson: So, you'll just work us to death?

Trudy: We'll sure try!

(Cheerful laughter ensues)

—Barry discovering his true role in a workaholic bee society.

Immediately after his graduation, Barry is taken on a tour of Honex industries. His spiral into insanity begins with an existential crisis when he learns that his entire life will be dedicated to doing one job. Barry's thirst for adventure and a deeper meaning leads him to break the rules of the hive. Despite the danger and illegality of his actions, he sneaks outside the hive disguised as a Pollen Jock to see the human world. Barry, having no idea how to navigate this unfamiliar world, gets lost easily even though he is supposed to be monitored by a group of Pollen Jocks who helped him sneak out. 

During his illicit outing, he has his first indirect interaction with Vanessa Bloome (she's super hot) and her boyfriend, Ken(sane one ) .  Barry gets stuck to a tennis ball while they are playing tennis. Neither Vanessa nor Ken realizes that Barry is stuck to the ball, so they continue to whack it around on tennis rackets. With a faulty hit, Ken launches the tennis ball and Barry out of the tennis court and into the unpredictable streets of New York City. Barry then experiences literal and figurative twists and turns during his separation from the Pollen Jock squad. He even comes close to death several times. Then, when he's left to find his way back to the hive on his own, it starts to downpour though bees cannot fly in the rain.

Attempted Murder[edit | edit source]

In a moment of desperation, Barry finds himself barreling from the sky towards the only flowerbed in all New York City's windows. Instead of staying in the flowerbed, Barry finds himself in uncharted bee territory: the indoors. Coincidentally, the apartment he ends up in belongs to Vanessa Bloome, the tennis girl from earlier.

Vanessa asks Ken to close the window, which traps Barry inside. Ken does this job interview with some unimpressive resume that Barry finds odd, yet intriguing. He doesn't dwell on the strange way humans interact with each other for too long. He needs to focus on getting out of there. He mistakes a lightbulb above the coffee table Ken and his interviewers are sitting at for the sun and knocks himself into a bowl of guacamole.

One interviewer scoops Barry up on a chip and almost eats him alive when Ken screams "Wait! Stop! Bee!". Ken tries to play the hero and kill Barry with Timberland boots. Vanessa comes to the rescue, scolding Ken for being so sadistic. She traps Barry in a glass instead and rips up Ken's brochure to let Barry back outside to live his life in peace. It is also worth noting that Barry falls in love with Vanessa while she's carrying him outside. Though Barry suffered traumatic events, it's his brief interaction with Vanessa that keeps him fascinated with the human world.

The Revelation of His Ability to Converse[edit | edit source]

He talks to Vanessa and they have a coffee date on the roof of her apartment building.

Later...[edit | edit source]

While out one day, Barry comes across honey being sold in the stores, saying that bees were never asked or made aware that their honey was being stolen and sold to the humans. This leads him to sue the human race for years of abuse and theft.

Barry ends up winning the lawsuit, which then causes a chain reaction. The bees end up having a large stockpile of honey that they don't know what to do with, resulting in bees being forced to stop production and go on vacation. With no pollen being collected and spread about, all the world's plants start to die. Barry, feeling responsible, sets out to make things right. He and Vanessa plan to get the world's last remaining flowers, the flowers for the Tournament Of Roses, to the Pollen Jocks in order for them to gather pollen to regrow the world's plants. Near the end of the movie, he becomes an attorney for other animals who have been duped out of their products by humans (such as a cow for its milk) and is made a Pollen Jock.

Trivia & Fuzz Facts🎷🐝[edit | edit source]

  • Barry is voiced by famous comedian, Jerry Sienfeld who is probably most known for playing himself in the hit series Seinfeld.
  • In Nature, only female Bees have stingers but Barry (and most other male Bees) still have Stingers
  • Early in the movie, Barry describes each of his clothes as being Black & Yellow or vice versa despite all of them appearing the same.
  • In the video game adaptation we see what Barry would look like as a fly, Dragonfly, Wasp and even a ✨Hornet✨.
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